Viagra kan hjälpa mot jetlag
Glöm melatonin och ljusterapi - den nya medicinen mot jetlag kan heta viagra cialis online pharmacy pharmacy. Iallafall om du är en hamster.
En forskargrupp frÃ¥n Buenos Aires har testat effekten av Viagra pÃ¥ hamstrar som fick sin dygnsrytm förskjuten.  Vissa hamstrar fick en spruta med lite sildenafil, det verksamma ämnet i Viagra, innan dygnet vreds. Dessa hamstrar anpassade sig mycket snabbare än kontrollgruppen (som fick en injektion med lite saltlösning). Resultaten publicerasde pÃ¥ tidskriften PNAS webbsida igÃ¥r.
Hamstrarna bodde i burar med springhjul och hölls pÃ¥ ett strikt dag-natt schema: 14 timmar ljus, sedan 10 timmar mörker. När forskarna plötsligt vred "dygnet" framÃ¥t genom att börja tända (och släcka) lampan 6 timmar tidigare blev hamstrarna jetlaggade. Eftersom hamstrar är nattvakna djur, brukade de i vanliga fall ge sig upp och springa i sina hjul efter att lampan släckts och det blivit "natt". Det beteendet använde forskarna för att se när hamstrarna kände sig vakna.
Det tog tolv dagar för kontrollhamstrarna att anpassa sig helt till det nya dygnet, men bara sex dagar för de hamstrar som fick den starkaste dosen Viagra. Det är en förbättring med 50%. En medelsvag dos, som inte gav nÃ¥gra "biverkningar" i form av Viagras vanliga effekter, gav en förbättring pÃ¥ 33%. Kuren verkar dock bara fungera Ã¥t ena hÃ¥llet, dÃ¥ dagen plötsligt börjar tidigare - vilket motsvarar en flygresa frÃ¥n väst mot öst (till exempel USA - Sverige eller Sverige - Japan). Den värsta sortens jetlag, enligt mÃ¥nga jag känner, är ocksÃ¥ just den som uppstÃ¥r vid en resa österut.
Orsaken till att sildenafil/Viagra hjälper, säger forskarna, är att det fÃ¥r nedbrytningen av ett visst signalämne (cGMP) att gÃ¥ lÃ¥ngsammare. Men det krävs ocksÃ¥ en faktisk ändring i dygnsrytmen - hamstrar som hölls i mörker fick ingen ändrad dygnsrytm när de fick sildenafil. PÃ¥ liknande sätt sÃ¥ krävs det sexuell stimulans för att Viagra ska kunna hjälpa nÃ¥gon att fÃ¥ erektion. 
Nu Ã¥terstÃ¥r det fortfarande att se om det fungerar pÃ¥ människor med, i nÃ¥got slags vettig dos. FrÃ¥n sjukvÃ¥rdens sida skulle det säkert vara mycket enklare att hantera Viagra som jetlag-kur om dosen var svag nog att inte nÃ¥gon effekt pÃ¥ patientens sexuella respons. (Men för dagens Viagra-användare kanske det skulle kännas bra att kunna svara: "VadÃ¥, erektionsproblem? Nej, jag tar det för min jetlag..." )
artikeln (PNAS, prenumeration krävs)

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Birthday Song for Seamhead
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Happy 37th birthday to my big (some would say big-headed) brother! You are approaching middle age at a rate similar to the rate at which our natural resources here on earth are diminishing (damn fast!) and physically are not what you used to be (surely you've perceived this). But fear not, there are ways to overcome the limitations of your age and the inevitable mental and physical deterioration. My song for you:


I'm in love with a girl that I just met
She makes my heart pound and my palms sweat
She gets my motor to racing fast
I think this love is gonna last

When we're together nothing goes wrong
Her love keeps me going strong
She gets me hot when the lights go out
She taught me what real love is about

Cialis you keep me rockin all night
When I'm with you love sure feels right
Since I found you I've been feelin so good
Doin things I never knew I could

This love of mine makes everything new
And if you had her you'd feel it too
I don't care if she takes all my money
Cause her lovin makes me feel like I'm twenty

Now she and I, we make a strange pair
And sometimes when we're out, people stare
But I don't care what those people say
Her lovin takes my breath away

Cialis you keep me rockin all night
When I'm with you love sure feels right
Since I found you, I've been feelin so good
Doin things I never thought I would

Well, getting older ain't no fun
But with you, baby, I get things done
And I know your love will stick around
Until I'm six feet under the ground

Cialis you keep me rockin all night
And lovin you, it sure feels right
Since I met you, I've been feelin so good
Doin things I never knew I could

Repeat as many times as you like, but if the song lasts more than 4 hours, seek medical attention!

Personal Statement (First Draft)
Personal Statement (First Draft)

In an assignment which I turned in a month ago, my class had to turn in our Letters of Intent (a.k.a. Personal Statement). Some in the class intend to go on to graduate school, others into medical school, while others are content with their up-coming Bachelor's Degrees and are planning on job hunting. No matter where we all intend to go, our Letters of Intent were due and they had to be 3 pages long.

I got a 9.7 out of 10 on the assignment.

The paper was marked off for Mechanics & sentence style. There are notes marked all over my paper, which I'll fix, but the following is the entire paper in its first draft form.

The day I decided to pursue a career in the medical field was a very specific moment on a very specific day in my life. A few weeks before, a co-worker of mine asked me to take a class with him. At the beginning of the first class period I was taken by surprise by the teaching style, intrigued by the subject matter, and was intent on seeing it through. By the end of the second class, my mind was made up and new life goals began springing up in all the right ways. I had seized on something life-altering and I knew it. A career in patient health care was a career for me. This class that I speak of turned out to be an EMT Certification class and it was one of the best classes I’ve ever taken in my life. I was 20 years old at the time, I was working full-time at IKEA as a cashier, I was out of school, and was looking for some direction in my life. Through a series of events beginning with my experiences as an EMT in training, I look back nearly 6 years later, and it seems like everything has been leading to this point; a student in pursuit of a career as a medical cialis specializing in emergency medicine.

I was not one of those students who wanted to be a doctor as long as they could remember. I came out of high school intending to follow a career in computer programming. I lasted three semesters at DeVry Institute of Technology before the signs and symptoms all told me to run away as fast as possible. A career as a computer programmer was not for me and in a way it was directly responsible for my situation now. I don’t believe in fate, but I do believe that you appreciate what you have more when you know what it feels like when it’s gone. This was a valuable lesson for me and a lesson I believe you can only learn from failure. And I take that lesson with me as I go on to this day.

Having completed the EMT course, I was ready to commit to a career and go back into school full-time at my local community college intent on pursing a degree in nursing. Patient health was on the brain and a renewed interest in academia had been sparked. But this wasn’t the end. Upon full-filling my nursing pre-requisites, I meet Dr. Barnes, professor of human anatomy and human physiology at Contra Costa College. The human body, biology, and science in general had all become fascinating to me. This was the crime and Dr. Barnes was the culprit. This was also the time where my mind began to wander beyond the boundaries of the nursing field.

I began working part-time in the Hyperbaric Unit of John Muir Medical Center as a transporter. This my first job in the health care field and it was a job that I held for 2 years. Now this wasn’t the first time with my first patient. On a twelve hour ambulance ride-along, myself and two EMTs responded to 6 calls. But those calls were in regards to an emergency situation for the most part. This was on entire different side of the spectrum. When you’re talking about hyperbaric medicine you’re mainly talking about recovery medicine. And while hyperbaric medicine isn’t necessarily my goal for specialization, it did give me a number of great opportunities. First and foremost is what you gain from a familiarization with the hospital setting just by working in a hospital on a regular basis. The skills and confidence you gain by working with patients and becoming familiar with medical instruments, medical employees, and medical jargon. One of the high points for me was the chance to be able to talk to the doctors and ask questions. And the experience of this all lead to my eventual pursuit in a career in medicine as I switched my major, applied, and got accepted into Dominican University of California. I am now near completion of a Bachelor’s Degree in pre-med biology.

I eventually began shadowing a doctor in the Emergency Room of St. Francis Memorial Hospital. This is something I’ve always wanted to do. Through the past 5+ years in developing my interest in the emergency medical field, I believe that you can only learn so much from books and from 2nd hand experience. Eventually you have to get in there and experience it for yourself. This is why I feel like every minute I’m in the emergency room is invaluable to me. Every minute is confirmation about my suspicions of my interests. And in a way it’s a book end to one section of a journey that started not “as long as I can remember” but as soon as I appreciated what interested me. This is something I wouldn’t have had an opportunity to pursue without Dominican University. This is something I wouldn’t have felt reading to begin without those preparatory clinical years working in John Muir. This is something I wouldn’t have appreciated as a science and not only medicine without my flirtation with nursing and without the help of Dr. Barnes. This is something that I might have never taken seriously without my experience as an EMT in training. And this is definitely something that I wouldn’t have been able to appreciate as a field of interest without my experience with DeVry. Looking forward way back when, it seemed like a jumbled mess of twists and turns. Looking backward it really was just a straight line after all. I’m ready to start looking forward once again.
I approached the essay with two goals in mind:
  1. The essay must answer the question "Why do you want to be a doctor?"
  2. The reader of the essay must get the feeling that I'm ready for medical school. I would do this with statements backed up by experiences.
While turning it in, I had some reservations about its content. When it comes to Personal Statements, a common piece of advice is, "Do not restate your resume." And that's exactly what I did. But I had a story to tell, a point I wanted to make, and I needed the resume to tell the story. So I did it anyway. There were also specifics I wasn't sure were relevant (the full name of my community college anatomy & physiology teacher), some descriptive language that isn't strictly professional ("flirting with nursing"), and other little things that I wasn't complete sure I should leave in the paper. I'll my make all the suggested fixes scribbled by my professor and post the second draft later.

(I also thought the paper was a little corny at the end.)

Now my problem is cutting the paper down in length.

Most schools look for 500 word essays. This paper is 951. One school I'm interested in is only asking for 300 words.

Nicotine and Erectile Dysfunction
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Smokers can expect to suffer from a number of smoking related ailments. The greatest health risks of smoking involve respiratory cancers and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Most people affected by smoking related disease suffer from respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.

Smokers also have higher risks of experiencing many other diseases, including osteoporosis, periodontal disease, impotence, male infertility, and cataracts. Various studies have shown that the risk of impotence to smokers is 1.3 to 1.7 times the risk to non-smokers. In fact, though smokers make up less than a quarter of the population, 40% of those with impotence are current smokers.

Nicotine may both decrease arterial flow to the penis as well as block corporeal smooth muscle relaxation which prevents venous occlusion. Arterial occlusive disease can decrease the pressure and arterial flow to the sinusoidal spaces (small blood vessels). This increases the time to an erection and reduces the rigidity of the erect penis.

Smoking also harms lipid metabolism, causing higher triglyceride and lower HDL circulation. These changes contribute to development of atherogenic processes that cause vascular damage in penile arteries.

Ultrasound, coupled with Doppler technology, can measure blood flow velocities to and from the ultrasound probe. Smokers and past smokers show lower peak systolic blood velocity within the penis. The magnitude of these effects are strongly related to the length of smoking history.

More information at Smoking - Impotence and Erectile Dysfunction


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